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About me

I help leaders from marginalized groups and their allies go from feeling stuck in systems that weren't designed for us to succeed to cultivating creativity in order to achieve extraordinary results.

MY Background

As members of marginalized intersectional communities, we are working within systems that weren't designed for us to succeed. I've experienced that friction working for over two decades as a senior leader in technology for Etsy, Spotify, Universal Music Group, and EMI Music. I've also spoken at conferences across three continents, contributed to podcasts, and participated in panel discussions on topics of technology, inclusion, leadership, and operations. Throughout that time, I've coached and mentored folks from across the business.

I take an affirming, nonjudgmental approach upholding strong principles of ethical behavior while coaching. I'm actively pursuing my International Coaching Federation credentials through Co-Active Training Institute as part of my dedication to continuously improving myself as a coaching professional.

I'm also a painter, illustrator, and beginner potter. In my creative pursuits, I strive to capture the fleeting, transitional moment between the past and the future, capturing a glimpse of what simply is…

Rock Balancing

My philosophy

Leadership is a state of mind, not a position. Effective leaders help their business, their customers, their communities, and their employees by fostering a healthy thriving culture that encourages the best from everyone. I believe this is possible by leading with intention and thoughtfulness, ensuring actions are aligned with values, embracing empathy and curiosity, leaning into your creativity and inspiring it in others, driving for accountability and impact, and taking a collaborative, iterative approach informed by 360 feedback and self-awareness. If this philosophy resonates with you, whether you're an individual contributor, a manager, a senior executive, or a small business owner, having me as a coach in your corner will help you thrive and flourish.

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