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Putting Theory into Practice With Leadership Coaching

Frameworks and guides will only take you so far.

They're helpful in order to learn tactics and context, to have tools in your toolbox, and to know broadly when to use different tools for the best outcomes.

Turning that information and theory into skill and eventually into craft requires practice. That means exploring, experimenting, observing, being curious, asking questions, reflecting, measuring, iterating, and practicing.

Owning a set of woodworking tools and being a carpenter (let alone a master carpenter) are two very different things. Now you may not want to be a master carpenter, but you probably want to know how to use your tools in a way that doesn't cause harm to yourself and others and produces useful (and maybe even beautiful) things.

So that means you practice. Over and over.

Because this is how we turn information into muscle memory, into knowledge, into skill. Practice.

You can do that on your own, of course. Or you could do it with a leadership coach, someone who can help you see when your form is off, push you when you need to be pushed, hold you accountable when things get hard, help you see around the corners that are hard to navigate, lift you up when you feel like quitting, and remind you when it's time to celebrate.

Reach out today to learn more.

This is the sign you've been waiting for. Take the leap!

Leadership Coaching

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