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Beyond the Crud: To Boldly Go On Your Leadership Journey

I’m a big fan of sci-fi stories across all mediums, whether it’s a short story, book, tv show, web series, movie, or fan fiction. I appreciate quality, but I also revel in campy garbage. That means Sturgeon’s Law, which postulates that 90% of everything is crud, doesn’t really affect my entertainment consumption.

What it does affect are the daily eight hours or more each day that most of us spend working. If 90% of leaders are crud, then most people’s work experience is suboptimal. And since most folks don’t wake up thinking about how they’re going to make other people miserable (and for the teeny tiny subset of folks who do, we see you and we are cheering for karma to find you), that means if you aren’t actively improving your leadership craft, then you are likely contributing to the problem.

broken eggshells with the text: If 90% of leaders are crud, then most people's work experience is suboptimal

Knowing that, how do you set yourself up, as a formal or informal leader, to not be crud and perhaps even be part of the 10% who are exceptional?

That question is the crux of what we’re going to explore here together.

So, please, follow, share, and contribute to the conversation!

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